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Schedule a Pickup

Step One: Click below to create your laundry profile. Takes two minutes. 

Step Two: Place the clothes out for pickup.

That's it!

Everything you may need to know for the first pickup...

  • Place the laundry out in any cinchable bags on your pickup day

  • Place stained items or hang dry items in a smaller bag within your pickup 

  • Provide hangers if you'd like things hung

  • You will receive automated texts when we're on the way and once laundry has been picked up and delivered

  • You will be autocharged before the laundry is returned

  • The price you see when you book a pickup is the minimum for your area. We charge $2.15/ lb for one time pickups and $2.00/ lb for clients that get on a weekly or biweekly schedule. 

  • We also clean comforters or whatever else you own that is machine washable. 

  • Small businesses enjoy a lower price and minimum. Please contact me for pricing. 

  • You can use the service whenever or you can get on a schedule and never do laundry again! 

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